Cleverly combined! Process optimization with Digital Pen & Paper

1Klick Mail KontaktGet a digital business process directly from paper! Ideal for form based documents. The contents are analyzed during transmission and are provided digitally without scanning.

This can be adjusted with diverse rules and permissions. For example that the second signature has to follow AFTER the first. The signature is indeed applied to the paper document, however there is an error message during transmission.

Handwriting, block letters, barcodes, digits… The pen always knows where it’s located on the document and if it has permission to write on this form or field.

Grafik Digital Pen & Paper

And here's how it works:

1. Form creation

With the Forms Designer digital forms are created, which are printed out after uploading them to the server. They are uniquely tagged per page by a background pattern (Digital Paper). These forms can already be printed with information on it (e.g. customer data) that associates the form to a process. This association of the forms to a process is saved in the server.

Form creation

2. Filling out the form with the digital pen

Subsequently, the digital pen is used to fill out the form. On the one hand the digital pen is a normal ball pen to be used to write as usual. On the other hand it saves every line that it draws with the help of a camera that recognizes the printed background pattern. Furthermore, by recognizing the background pattern, it knows which unique page was written on and when. This ensures the correct association of the form to the respective process.

Filling out the form with the digital pen

3. Transmission of the digital pen's data to data handing

After the user has filled out the form, he puts the digital pen back into the charging station, which is connected to his pc via USB. The stored encrypted data is transmitted to a server, which processes it according to the form and associates it to the previously saved process.

Transmission of the digital pen's data to data handing

4. Optional appliance of the data to a process

The data recorded with the digital pen can be directly applied to a business process, control it and be enriched with additional data from e.g. a SAP/R3 system. Even a direct control of the business processes by e.g. external sales is possible via Digital Pen, Bluetooth mobile and SMS/MMS feedback.

Übernahme der Daten in einen Prozess

5. On demand printing of the form

During any given step of the process, new paperbound ‘digital’ forms for the digital pen can be printed out and processed further (service protocols, checklists, etc.) enriched/pre-filled with dynamic process data.