Management Cockpit

"Good information is hard to find. It is even more difficult to do something with it."
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
(1859 - 1930), english novelist

Even if about a century ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle probably meant that it is hard to gather the right information in the first place and not to filter it from a flood of data, testimonies and texts, we believe his statement is still true to this day. In the age of information technology we don’t receive too little, but basically too much information. Often times it’s hard to recognize the essentials and to process them appropriately.

With the Management Cockpit by iXenso, you gain a software tool which supports you and your employees in doing just that. It filters for given criteria ans provides information accordingly. This gives you a simple yet effective tool for analysis, which simplifies the surveillance and control of your workflows, building on our process management systems.

Cycling times and idle periods, processing steps, paths, average processing time - you have diverse possibilities to analyze and optimize your processes. With the Management Cockpit for OpenText TCP you always receive the most recent data generated at the moment of analysis. Thus you and your employees can make substantiated and secure decisions even last-minute.

A user interface designed in your CI supports you in filtering only the data you need. A graphical display is incorporated by default, just as exporting to Excel. Thus you can compare, enhance, further process or make extended grapical displays for any information. Since the Management Cockpit can be integrated into the security and role concepts of the process management system, it can be freely defined which user has permissions to access and analyze which data. Thus the management hierarchy of your company is adhered

Eine in Ihrer CI gestaltete Benutzeroberfläche unterstützt Sie dabei, nur die Daten herauszufiltern, die Sie benötigen. Eine grafische Darstellung ist ebenso Standard, wie eine Exportfunktion zu Excel. Dadurch können Sie die Informationen weiterverarbeiten, vergleichen, ergänzen oder erweitert grafisch darstellen. Da sich in das ManagementCockpit die Sicherheits- und Rollenkonzepte des Prozessmanagement-Systems integrieren lassen, kann festgelegt werden, welcher User auf welche Daten zugreifen bzw. welche Daten er auswerten kann. Die Management Hierarchie Ihres Unternehmens wird somit auch hier eingehalten.

Statistics and evaluations

With the Management Cockpit for OpenText Transactional Content Processing analyses of all processes in the system and their process data can be created.

The summary generated in realtime uses the Business Intelligence approach and offers the management helpful arguments for better operational or strategic decisions through systematic analysis (extraction ,evaluation, depiction) of the process data in digital form.

Feature overview:

  • Search and evaluation of selected processes
  • Filters for process data
  • Statistical analysis of any process data
  • Calculation of idle periods and cycling times (min/max/average)
  • Detenction of resource bottlenecks in the process
  • Specification of the time frame via date fields (dax, month, etc.)
  • Display of definable, graphical charts (diverse types of diagrams)
  • Configuration via XML
  • Export to MS Excel

The module, as describe above, is developed in a default version and can be freely adjusted to the individual requirements of the users or instances - even during ongoing use, which makes it a flexible and efficient tool.