1Klick Mail Kontakt Did you know that up to 80% of all stored data is not accessed more than once a month after a short time? This data fill up valuable space on your expensive primary storage.

Harddrives are replacing optical media in all areas of backup and data protection. However current harddisk system are mostly not suited for long-term storage. Silent Cubes is the first storage system, which is consequently developed for secure long-term storage of permanent data from ground up. The highly rdundant harddisk storage replaces magnet tapes and optical jukeboxes, relieves your expensive main memory and therefore helps minimize complexity, acquisition and operating costs

  • Outstanding protection against data loss, hardware failure and misconfiguration
  • Extra low energy consumption and operating costs, highly scalable up to petabytes
  • Extensive on-site support by FAST LTA with hardware replacements at full data preservation.



To make sure your chosen storage system suits your software, the Silent Cubes Approved Solutions program has been created. The connection of the Silent Cube long-term storage is usually done particularily simple and easy with a network share. Without complex (and often expensive) connectors many solutions from different areas can be connected fast and easy. iXenso integrates Silent Cubes into OpenText, Optimal-Systems and d.3 enviroments and archives.

Logo Silent Cubes Certified Partner 2011

iXenso has been Silent Cubes Certified Partner since 2011, has had multiple employees undergo certification in this technology and has succesfully completed several archive migrations (OpenText archive, develop d.3 archive, PLASMON media, NetApp or EMC volumes on Silent Cubes long-term storage). Especially when switching from optical media to harddisk systems a very noticable increase in performance can be achieved. Additionally, the attractive price per terabyte reduces annual upkeep significantly.


  • Hardware-WORM
  • Four redundancy reserves
  • Three drive manufactures
  • Internal digital audit


Every Silent Cube long-term storage consists of 12 hard drives from 3 different manufacturers. Even when 4 drives fail simultaneously, no data is lost. The sealing of the files against altering, deleting or overwriting is embedded in the hardware and therefore cannot be bypassed. Silent Cubes automatically verify the stored data regularly (internal digital audit).


  • Modular and scalable
  • 19-inch-fitting
  • Replication included

Silent Cubes storage systems grow with their requirements and can be scaled into the petabyte area. For even more security the software for replication on a second location is included.


Silent Cubes are certified as CAS (Content Addressed Storage) for the audit-proof storage and thereby comply with any relevant legal conditions (GDPdU, GoBS, RöV and more) at a convincing price. Setup, maintenance and expansion of the Silent Cubes need an exceptionally low amount of operating cost. Silent Cubes long-terms storages only need about 2 Watts per unit in standby. The energy consumption for power and cooling is lower than on any other long-term storage system.



FAST LTA offers an extensive service within the Silent Cubes maintenance agreement. If desired, we are available to you 24 hours 7 days a week. In case of malfunctions, the on-site service replaces the covered. The integrated monitioring offers insight into the system via web browser at any time and periodically informs iXenso via email. This enables iXenso to act quickly with FAST LTA and proactively ensure a secure and smooth operation of your system.