OpenText ECM Consulting

1Click mail contactWith the experience of more than 100 implemented ECM and DMS/BPM projects, iXens o advises and accompanies businesses in the implementation of a company-wide ECM solution platform and the removal of off-grid systems. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) allows the management and especially the retrival of structured and unstructured information and documents.

  • Unfortunaltely, there is no SINGLE best or correct was or standard 'ECM Masterplan'.
  • An individual review of the customer requirements is necessary.
  • An incremental ECM implementation is indispensable.
  • "Paperless office" stays utopian, paper reduced processing is realistic. Paper stays the favorite interface of man (digital paper).

Grafik ECM Suite

Analysis phase

  • Is the business compliant to legal requirements, e.g. GdPdU, UStG, export regulations, etc.?
  • Does the business meet its own service-, quality- and compliance-requirements?
  • If not, where does the biggest burden originate from?
  • In which area or through which solution can the fastest retrun of investement be achieved?
  • Are the overall objectives attainable with the available resources?
  • Can expenses be reduced by a consolidation of IT systems?

Concretization phase

  • Create an overall ECM Masterplan and define sub-projects.
  • Define work packages of the sub-projects (WCM, BPM, DMS, archiving, etc.) and their goals/results, e.g. recognition rates, provisioning time of digital mailroom, rate of automated booking, service level, processing times, quality index…
  • Call for management support and involve staff representation.
  • Define the ECM team (internal and external resources).

Evaltation and decision phase

  • Selection of manufacturers/implementation partners.
  • Future security and risk factors (development locations, finance, technology).
  • Innovation force/speed.
  • Customer base, internationality, support (possibly worldwide).
  • PArtner landscape (dependency), project/product experience.
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) for deep integration into thir-party systems.
  • Verification of the requirements to IT infrastructure and workstations
    (e.g. trend towards 2-3 screens when handling documents).
  • Matching of the ECM masterplan against the IT plan (release implementation / dependencies).
  • Define project teams for the sub-projects, "is the chemistry right"?

Implementation phase

  • Create a steering commitee, if necessary (avoid blocking).
  • Early involvement of departments/users.
  • Set up laboratory workspaces (different variants made, "for touching").
  • Technical specifications / Rapid Prototyping.
  • Realization of manageable and measurable work packages.
  • 80/20 rule, no detailed discussions (pragmatic approach).
  • Define test cases with expected results.
  • Set up project controlling (time / cost / quality).

Addoption phase

  • Pilot introduction in manegeable size.
  • Successive roll-out (user count / company departments).
  • Gradually implement internationality.
  • Temporarily support processes with paper documents if necessary.

Optimization phase

  • Review goals and achieved results.
  • Initiate corrective measures and realize optimization potential.
  • Introduce additional ECM modules.