Business Process Management

Process management is not a temporary fad,
it's a management competence!

1Klick Mail Kontakt Core processes (orders, delivery notes, bills, etc.) in mid-sized businesses and companies are mainly handled by workflow automation of SAP and the like. Approximately 80% of business processes are handled this way. However, the remaining 20% have proven to cause 80% of the internal expenses.
Inefficiency in the field of organization has become one of the biggest cost factors of our time. Approximately 40% of the daily work of an employee is wasted on searching and collecting documents and on processing and forwarding the gathered data. The bulk of the unnecessary processing time comes from inefficient methods of transportation and too long idle periods.

A workflow system (Business Process Management, BPM) is the paperless acceleration of all standard processes between employees, departments and hierarchies. Workflow does not only consider single tasks such as order acceptance or order processing but whole business transactions, meaning the order from the acceptance right through to the delivery. The result is similar to a flowchart as we know it from production processes. However, the flow of information is oftentimes constructed much more complex. Many processes split and flow back again, so that ultimately a richly branched workflow or information network can manifest

A Business Process Management system is a software, in which the single tasks are automated. This facilitates a structured and controlled processing of data and documents. Sources of error are eliminated and quality is improved. Business transactions become transparent and anyone involved in the process has access to the latest information. These solutions are independent of systems or sectors and can be integrated into most diverse IT-systems or combine them.

By now, a workflow system which is a good representation of the individual processes in a company is more than just a necessity. Considering the enormous expenditures in administration and their negative impact on competitiveness, workflow systems become one of the most important factors of productivity in economy.

With a BPM system you ensure that your employees always have ideal access to and are permanently able to provide information. Tasks are handled fast, efficiently, standardized and with steady quality. Hence you can react faster and more correct to the needs of your customers and achieve maximum satisfaction and bonding to you company. Ideal customer service is the flagship of your company!

We show you:

  • How to ideally utilize knowledge in a company (Flash-animation).
  • What workflow and process solutions are.
  • How to define, visually model and automate company tasks with standardized tools.
  • How to facilitate a structured and controlled handling of data and documents.
  • How to set up an early warning system (reclamations).
  • How to keep organisation flexible.
  • Which different applications (interfaces) can be used as a transport layer.
  • Which of our products can be used to implement your requirements.
  • Why BPM/Workflow solutions can rarely be separated from DMS solutions.


Your benefit:

  • Increase in productivity of your employees.
  • Elimination of sources of error (through automation of structured tasks).
  • Relief of standard tasks and generation of capacities for more difficult tasks.
  • Increase in quality (customer service/satisfaction/support).
  • Decrease in idle, transport and handling times (ensure service level).
  • Process oriented work with up to date information and documents.
  • Transparency of business processes.
  • Reduction in costs (contribution margin per customer, churn rates).