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Official statement on the product development of Xtreme imageLinks



We have a three-stage release schedule for iXtreme imageLinks.

As release v9.0 we will provide a content server module compatible with OpenText CS 16 finally replacing less-services with cws-services. This version will not contain any changes to the thumbnail-server components. This means these components still have to be run on a win 2008 server. The win 2012 and win 2016 server will not be supported by this version.

The second stage v9.1 is the content server module compatible with OpenTest CS 16.2. This release will not contain updated thumbnail server components, either.

The third stage will be the release of v9.2. Here the thumbnail server components will be updated and win 2012 server and win 2016 server support will be warranted. Caused by the complexity of these major software upgrades we are still evaluating an exact release schedule. At the moment we seek a release date at the beginning of 4th quater 2018.



Over 88,000 satisfied users worldwide. Manage your images, videos, PDF‘s, e-mails and MS Office formats. Using thumbnail and preview mode all objects can be found a lot easier.



With imageLinks the user just opens the image he needs. This helps to save network resources and provides faster access to the requested object.

imageLinks offers thumbnails and previews for a concise display of images. Image collections can be assembled and navigated easily in their album view.

imageLinks enables users to manage not only documents but also images, PDF‘s and videos in an OpenText ECM Suite environment.


imageLinks allows you to organize graphics and multimedia files of different formats into Media Collections and Media Container. Inside these Media Collections (a special imageLinks type of container), the images are displayed as thumbnails.



For every image checked in into the Content Server system a thumbnail and preview will be created additionally to the original image. The desired document can be found much easier thereby.

Normally Thumbnail and Preview are substantial smaller compared to the original image.

This reduces network traffic.



The thumbnail view presents an image with its title, subtitle, size, create / modify date (default OpenText Content Server functionality).

By clicking on the thumbnail the preview image opens in a screen-filling display with categories, IPTC and Exif metadata. In this mode the resolution of the original image is irrelevant as the resolution of the preview mode is used.


imageLinks is able to show the metadata standards IPTC and Exif Exif in jpg files. The IPTC metadata can be used as a more detailed description and classification of images. They can be edited by a Content Server user. Exif metadata cannot be changed as they contain the original image metadata such as date, time and shutter of the camera that has generated the image.


After a clip has been added, a random thumbnail is automatically created out of the scene.

All added video formats are converted into Flash fv4 format (Flash & Silverlight compatible) which grants a fast performance and above all: there is no need to install a player to view the videos.

To view the video clip you can either use the View Video function at the drop down menu or you can start the video by clicking on the thumbnail.


Video Player

Many video formats support metadata (like IPTC metadata) attached directly to the file (in-file metadata / meta tags). This metadata is shown right hand side the movie, but theses tags are not searchable within OpenText Content Server. Additionally the metadata / meta tags are kept when the video file is downloaded to a computer instead of viewing it within Content Server.


Copy to clipboard

An image can be inserted into an Office document by using the easy copy to clipboard functionality. Depending on the intended use there is a choice between different image sizes (thumbnail, preview or original size).


Search Result

Furthermore the content of metadata (IPTC, Exif, excluded video metadata) as well as the standard OpenText Content Server ECM metadata are full text searchable. The search result includes the thumbnail of the image, video clip or other supported formats.


Folder conversion

imageLinks offers the functionality for thumbnail and preview also in a standard OpenText Content Server folder. To use this functionality the standard folder has just to be converted in a Media Container object type.

The reconversion from Media Container to the standard folder can be done as easily.

The Media Container offers the ability of displaying thumbnail and preview in a standard Content Server folder - while the Media Collection object type provides the entire functionality to manage digital assets.


Enterprise Connect

All provided imageLinks features can be accessed by using the context menu of Enterprise Connect or through the web interface.

As long as you are clicking on a Media Collection or Media Container you will find the preview representation of your images and videos on the lower right side of the screen.

Videos can be played within the preview mode also.


Your Benefit

  • Easy management of all kinds of assets - from PDF, office documents to a large number of image and video formats.
  • Faster access to the information stored in the Content Server ECM environment.
  • Reduction of network traffic by accessing image previews with reduced resolution instead of the original high resolution image files.


  • Supports almost every raster and vector formats / MS Office formats / e-mail.
  • Thumbnail and screen filling preview mode for each object.
  • Support of Adobe Photoshop® formats (i.e. PSD, EPS, ...).
  • Exif metadata are shown and searchable in jpg files.
  • IPTC metadata are shown, searchable and editable in jpg files.
  • A shopping basket enables users to collect documents, images and videos throughout the entire OpenText Content Server ECM.
  • Image viewer with slide show functions.
  • Storage of edited images as a new version or new image.
  • Copying of thumbnail, preview or original image to MS Office applications (also Resized Copy to Clipboard).
  • Convenient navigation within the album view
  • Configuration and administration on the Content Server Admin page.
  • Support of remote cache server functions.
  • Media Collections can be a resource for virtual folders.
  • Additional add-on module geoLinks: this module combines your images with MS-Bing Maps by including GPS information to your picture (see product information geoLinks).




Content Server installed on an Operating System and connected to a Database as specified in the respective Release Notes.

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