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With the "iX OCR-Analyse Cockpit" you can assess the recognition rates of your automatically categorised and extracted documents. The information for the extracted fields, such as the exactness and value of the field, is displayed along with a view of the corresponding document. This mirrors the results of the OCR project.
An extension also makes it possible to compare the fields recognised by the OCR with the fields actually corrected via the process.


You can access your OCR Analyze Cockpit via the "iX OCR-Analyse Cockpit" menu in your web client.

On the right side you will see the option to filter your analysis. You
can use the filters to determine which values are used to display your analysis. All values are linked with “AND”.

You can use the magnifying glass to view the procedures or the relevant document. The “Routing” column shows with which department the procedure currently is. You can see whether a recognition is satisfactory, on the basis of a defined minimum value, via the value “1” in the “OCR OK” column. The table displays the OCR recognition rate for the defined fields. Mousing over them displays the relevant value. Values which are below the defined recognition rates are marked in red.


The result row (last line – grey) displays the average values for the recognition rate and the number of absolute “Okays”.absolut „Okay“ angezeigt.

You can obtain a graphical representation via the “Content” entry. For a bar chart you can choose two
groupings, while for a pie chart you can select one grouping. The selection fields may be freely defined
so long as they are present in the recognition.


You will also always see the data in a table below the diagram for exporting.


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