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Using the OCR technology of the OpenText Document Technology Group, iXenso offers a modern OCR/document capture solution which is incredibly flexible and allows a high degree of automation even for medium-sized document volumes.

You could, for example, begin by working with creditor invoices which are passed on to an ERP, workflow or DMS system. The solution can then be expanded to other document types, such as delivery slips or general incoming post.

The resources required to implement and expand the solution – both financial and human – are very low in comparison to other solutions.



Possible document types

The solution is very flexible and can be used to process:

  • Creditor invoices
  • Delivery slips
  • Incoming post
  • Many other types of incoming documents, which must be classified and/or provided with metadata

Recognition technologies used

In order to achieve the highest possible recognition rates, the solution uses a combination of all common OCR technologies.

Scope of functions

  • Entry of physical documents from scanners, multifunction devices, etc.
  • Entry of electronic documents from directory or mailbox
  • Full text indexing
  • Reading of attributes (metadata) and classification by intelligent combination of various recognition technologies
  • Update and validation of recognition results using libraries, including invoice checking library for >60 countries (option)
  • Update and validation of recognition results against external databases (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Logic check of the OCRed index
  • Training of recognition „engine“ (option)
  • Re-routing of insufficiently recognised documents to a validation workplace (option)
  • Transfer of digitalised documents with class and metadata to the relevant system (ERP, DMS, archive, portal, etc.)

Implementation / Project

The implementation of the solution can even take place on a powerful Windows PC for smaller document volumes. For larger quantities of data we recommend a multi-processor server.

The outlay for planning the solution in detail, installing, calibrating and testing the software and training users starts at around 5 working days.

Invoice with automatically recognised meta-information

Validation station: manual inspection/comletion of incompletely recognised data

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