He has now actually done it again

iXenso Group“He has now actually done it again” I had to hear from my family environment, because my “inner circle” was also not informed about this transaction. And indeed, the “tiger is now out of the bag” and we now also warmly welcome bc-competence gmbh as the fourth acquisition in the iXenso Group. With every transaction you become more professional, yet each one is unique and extremely exciting… after all, it’s also about people and their livelihoods. For me, such challenges release energy and sharpen my senses. And one thing I can already promise… he will probably do it again 😉

Thanks to Ralf Ruthardt for the very professional negotiation in the last weeks, despite all the stress our meetings/phone calls were always at eye level, constructive and future-oriented.

Welcome to the #iXenso team, very much looking forward to working with you.

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