One of the most important success factors on the road to digital transformation

Who we are

The iXenso Group is a specialist & reseller for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Content Management (ECM). For more than two decades, we have successfully implemented solutions for the optimization of business processes based on OpenText Content Server, BPM, CEM, Output- and Capture Center. Headquartered in Freiburg im Breisgau with offices in Munich, Hanover and Turin (IT). We have been using the offered solutions productively ourselves for many years and are almost completely “digitally on the road”. For this, we were awarded the “Digital Champion Award” by Wirtschaftswoche.

The owner-managed consulting and service company is the largest independent integration partner of the market leader OpenText in DACH, with platinum and support status. As a partner of SAP and Microsoft, we support our customers in the implementation of SAP ERP Cloud, Office365 and Teams. We intelligently link the worlds of structured and unstructured content – for DAX-listed companies and small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.


What we offer

Business Consulting
IT Strategy Consulting

Content Management
Revision-proof archiving

OCR Capture & Delivery
Digitization & Process Optimization

Health & Policy Check
System and Archive Migration

Resource Planning

Relation Management

Project Management

SAP & OpenText
Support, Company


In order to meet the challenges on the way to digital transformation, we do not talk to our customers about individual products, but about a platform strategy for technology consolidation.

(Anton Bischof, Senior Business Consultant – iXenso AG)

Our vision   #UpTo250

Europe’s largest specialized system house for digital transformation on the technological platforms of OpenText and SAP.

Our mission

To enable people and companies to successfully follow the path of digital transformation with pragmatic and customer-oriented software solutions. We develop these solutions under economic and value-oriented aspects, in a team-oriented and cooperative manner. To this end, we tread new and innovative paths.

Our brand

Colour Orange
On the interpretative level, orange combines the strong red with the warm yellow. The colour stands for the lightness of being – it is the colour of friendship (business relationship) as well as curiosity (technology), creativity (new solutions), individuality (customer orientation) and non-conformity (new ways). Where red represents a static source of energy and yellow a fleeting light, orange is tangible (responsibility) but flexible and quick-witted (agility). Orange stands for life, it is mood-lifting, stimulating and symbolises invigoration, cheerfulness and youth (#OurCultureOurBrand).

And iXenso?
The IXOS brand is “hidden” in iXenso, the pioneer of archiving in SAP environments. The letters “e” for expansion and “n” for sustainability complement the name and picture mark. #brand #sap #OpenText #iXenso


(Fabrizio Perini)

Corporate Governance Code

The efforts and actions of our company and our employees are based on the values of loyalty, ethics and integrity. The protection of people and the environment is a fundamental principle. These values apply both to our own company and within the scope of our services for customers and in the selection of our business partners.

We create trust through transparency and honesty. We reject unfair business practices and conduct our business free from corruption or bribery. We show responsibility and respect for our employees and business partners and acknowledge our social responsibility. We condemn any form of discrimination or exploitation.

We trust each of our employees to comply with this code and are in a process of continuous improvement. The integrity and good reputation of our company are in the hands of all our employees.


Our quality

The customer alone determines what quality is.


The quality of the services for our customers is our main concern and our employees burn for the best possible advice and project implementation within the agreed deadlines. But even we are not infallible, so mistakes or complaints may occur. However, every such case is an incentive for us to analyse the causes and develop strategies to avoid such cases in the future.

We have implemented continuous process improvement by measuring the goals in the processes and optimising the process specifications and interfaces.

In addition, we are committed to fulfilling the applicable requirements of the legal regulations and the standard requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

“Putting people and the environment at the centre of our business activities, not primarily just profit.”

(Thomas Kleiner, Principal Business Consultant & CEO of iXenso Group)