Place your OpenText Systems confidently in qualified hands

OpenText’s qualified and highly motivated engineering team takes an active interest in your systems and is on standby 24 hours a day.

Premium Services for Application Management and Support

OpenText Premium Services für Support und Betrieb der Infrastruktur

For some customers, we already provide proactive OpenText support in 24-hour standby mode (problem, incident and request management), which corresponds to the operation of the applications. As a premium service, we carry out daily monitoring of the systems, intervene proactively if necessary and analyse storage capacity or performance behaviour. Your system managers are relieved and can take care of strategic issues.

OpenText Support Services

After consultation with our customers, OpenText patches and HotFixes are installed. And our support team handles the entire 2nd level support with OpenText on request.

All services are specifically tailored to your system and your wishes and are carried out in close cooperation with your IT department.


  • Operation of a hotline to report occurring errors
  • Setting up customer access to the iXenso ticket system
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support, Level 1 is provided by the customer
  • Response times according to SLA
  • Provision of resources to process the tickets
  • Acceptance and verification of the classification of tickets
  • Analysis, diagnosis of the error, presentation of solution proposals and error elimination
  • Replacement delivery for erroneously deleted or modified software copies
  • Documentation of changes/release notes etc. on the customer’s change management system

Product Maintenance

  • Regular notification of discontinued software products
  • On request of the customer, delivery of the latest patches, updates, upgrades and releases incl. major releases of OpenText
  • Preparation of the necessary information and opening of product-specific tickets with the responsible manufacturer
  • Consistent follow-up/communication with the manufacturer (resolution within the target specifications)
  • Transfer of ticket information from the manufacturer support system into the iXenso ticket system (reference information)
  • Other agreed additional services

Solution Maintenance

  • Availability/provision of dedicated development resources for timely processing of tickets
  • Continuous contingent controlling and reporting
  • Fixed provision of a contingent of days per month
  • Fixed special conditions
  • Other agreed additional services

Proactive activities

  • Regular jour fixe with the client (online sessions)
  • Regular monitoring of the systems
  • Quarterly information of the customer about patches/hotfixes
  • Quarterly installation of patches/hotfixes

Review Meeting

  • A review meeting is held at least once a year to jointly agree on services, costs and any adjustments to processes

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(Thomas Kleiner, Principal Business Consultant & CEO of iXenso group)